Donnerstag, April 01, 2010

eingestreut (107): nina nastasia

an einem ersten track zum neuen album von nina nastasia kann man sich nun erbauen (via clashmusic). fatcat records schreibt dazu: "the track, entitled you're a holy man, is another neat introduction to the beautiful new sound of outlaster, which is nina’s first album in three years. with stunning orchestration transcending the traditional reach of her famed spareness, arranger paul bryan’s powerfully affecting score hearkens back to the likes of gil evans and late phil ochs. burnished with brass, reeds, and a string ensemble, the record marks a distinct shift as much for us here at fatcat as for nina nastasia herself. it's a jaw-dropping and powerful album that we are extremely proud to be releasing."
"outlaster" erscheint am 07. juni. die vorabsingle "cry, cry, baby" kommt zuvor im mai.

1. Cry, Cry, Baby
2. Moves Away
3. You’re a Holy Man
4. You Can Take Your Time
5. This Familiar Way
6. What’s Out There
7. A Kind of Courage
8. Wakes
9. One Way Out
10. Outlaster

nina nastasia - you're a holy man

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