Samstag, September 14, 2013

glotzt nicht so romantisch: (529): gambles

photo by eric ray davidson 

das hat von jeher gelangt. ein wenig geklampfe und freie bahn für den gesang. "so i cry out" ist auf dem debütalbum "trust" enthalten, welches gambles am 01. oktober auf seinem eigenen label gmbls veröffentlichen wird. für das dazugehörige video zeichnete joe wehner verantwortlich und es zeigt neben dem musikalischen protagonisten auch dessen freunding nola. 
gambles meint: "i just wanted to make something simple to pay respect to the story, but at the same time i knew i didn't want to tell the story too literally. nola is my girlfriend, and luckily a tremendous actress. joe wehner is one of those rare people who instantly put you at ease-he wanted to collaborate, not control. what we were trying to do was vague, and relied on being honest. not pushing too hard. we basically used nola and myself as the story, the only planned shot was visiting a hospital. everything else happened as we lived it, i was never acting. this was intense to create for so many reasons, i'm half scared half relieved to finally put this out there. i feel like i've been walking around with it for the past few years. hopefully it puts things to rest for everyone else involved too. this was a brand new process for me, editing everything alongside joe, really just throwing things on a table and going at it. no rules, no ego. joe was able to be in the room (shooting us) while still allowing nola and i to be ourselves, and at times get very emotional with each other. it felt good to do something on such a small scale, it felt personal, the way it should. but at the same time, it felt like we were in our own world."
hinter gambles versteckt sich matthew daniel siskin, dessen erster song bereits bei pitchfork anklang fand. seine erste veröffentlichung neben diesem tumblr geposteten track war die "far from your arms" ep. noch im september gibt es zwei deutschlanddaten.

25.09. - Berlin, Germany - Berghain Kantine
26.09. - Hamburg, Germany, Reeperbahn Festival @ Pearls !

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