Sonntag, Juni 14, 2015

glotzt nicht so romantisch (628): myriam gendron

photo by farid kassouf

es war wahrlich eines der schönsten alben des vergangenen jahres, myriam gendrons "not so deep as a well", die musikalische umsetzung von dorothy parker poemen mittels gitarre und "solace" wurde nun noch einmal einer der herausragenden tracks in szene gesetzt. gendron schreibt selbst dazu: "the music video for "solace" was created by two montreal-based artists, anick beaulieu and gigi perron. gigi mostly draws and paints, and anick makes short films when she's not working at her fishing camp in temiscaming (western quebec). they make a great team: gigi has a thousand ideas per minute, and anick is very meticulous and has a great sense of rhythm. "solace" is their third project together. they used the stop-motion technique for this video. it contains, more or less, 3,600 photos. it was made on three superimposed window panes with black sesame seeds and collages of old prints."
vom vinyl des album ist mittlerweile die dritte auflage am start. stark.

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