Dienstag, Januar 03, 2012

neue töne (1086): upcoming albums 2012

nun habe ich es mir doch angetan. dabei hatte ich mir fest vorgenommen, heuer dieser arbeit aus dem wege zu gehen. doch was solls. mir selbst bringt die übersicht einiges, wenigstens als kleiner orientierungsfaden. ich beanspruche keine vollständigkeit noch richtigkeit der daten und angaben. nicht zuletzt fehlen die vielen spannenden releases kleiner companies. das würde den rahmen sprengen. bereits jetzt gibt es hinweis auf über 130 veröffentlichungen mit fast 60 soundbeispielen.
ergänzungen (in den kommentaren) nehmen wir gern entgegen, gegen eine aktualisierung sträuben wir uns aber.

guided by voices - let's go eat the factory (fire)
guided by voices - one, two, three, four

the morning birds – surrender to this ep (selfrelease)


the maccabees - given to the wild (cooperative)
the maccabees - child

run dan run - normal (hearts and plugs)
run dan run - lovesick animal
keepaway - black flute (greedhead music)
the little willies - for the good times (milking bull)

matthew dear - headcage ep (ghostly international)
matthew dear - headcage (snippet)

rae spoon - i can't keep all of our secrets (saved by radio)
kathleen edwards - voyageur (rounder)
kathleen edwards - sidecar

paul brill - breezy(scarlet shame records)
paul brill - the royal oui

cat le bon - cyrk (the control group)
cate le bon - puts me to work

old monk - birds of belize (eenie meenie)
old monk - butter and toast

herman dune - tell me something i don't know ep (strange moosic)
horrid red - celestially joy (terrible)
neverever - shake-a-baby ep (slumberland)
demetra - lone migration (head in the sand)
demetra - hey stranger

francois & atlas mountains - e volo love (domino)

willamette - always in postscript (21.01., own records)
willamette - always in postscript

cardinal - hymns (fire)
cardinal - love like rain

pop.1280 - the horros (sacred bones)
laura gibson - la grande (barsuk)
laura gibson - la grande
beth jeans houghton - yours truly, cellophane nose (mute)
beth jeans houghton - dodecahedron

chairlift - something (columbia)
craig finn - clear heart full eyes (full time hobby)
craig finn - honolulu blues

ilyas ahmed - with endless fire (immune)
john k. samson - provincial (epitaph)
nada surf - the stars are indifferent to astronomy (barsuk)
matt pryor - may day (nightshoes syndicate)
woodpigeon - for paolo (digital, boompa)
cloud nothings - attack on memory (carpark)
cloud nothings - no future/no past

dana falconberry - though i didn't call it came ep (crossbill)
porcelain raft - strange weekend (secretly canadian)
porcelain raft - put me to sleep
poor young things - let it sleep (bumstead)
poor young things - let it sleep
old time machine / old cabin - s/t split ep (file under: music)
old time machine - sun burns out
cheyenne marie mize - we don't need ep (yep roc)
evan voytas - feel me (dovecote)
evan voytas - can't let anybody know who you are
leila - u&i (warp)
neil morgan - in the yard (drag city)

tenniscoats - papa's ear (häpna)

penelope houston - on market street (27.01., glitterhouse)

leonard cohen - old ideas (columbia)
leonard cohen - show me the place

first aid kit - the lion's roar (wichita)
lilacs & champagne - s/t (mexican summer)
lilacs & champagne - everywhere, everyone

lightning love - girls who look like me ep (quite scientific)
lightning love - deadbeat

virgin forest - easy way out (partisan records)
pacificuv - weekends (mazarine)
pacificuv - funny girl
elephant micah - louder than thou (product of palmyra)
elephant micah - if i were a surfer

the big sleep - nature experiments (goodnight)
the big sleep - ace

doug jerebine - is jesse harper (drag city)
doug jerebine - ashes and matches
shigeto - lineage (ghostly international)
shigeto - lineage (snippet)

imperial teen - feel the sound (merge)
imperial teen - runaway

hospitality - s/t (merge)
hospitality - betty wang

loren connors - a fire (family vineyard)
loren connors - a fire (excerpt)

air - le voyage dans la lune (astralwerks)
wymond miles - earth has doors ep (sacred bones)
dr. dog - be the void (anti)
ben kweller - go fly a kite (the noise company)
mark lanegan band - blues funeral (4ad)
silver swans - forever (tricycle)
the twilight sad - no one can ever know (fat cat)
matthew bourne - montauk variations (the leaf label)
matthew bourne - iv. infinitude

jordan klassen - kindness ep (independent)
jordan klassen - go to me
of montreal - paralytic stalks (polyvinyl)
of montreal - wintered debts
sharon van etten - tramp (jagjaguwar)
sharon van etten - serpents

the explorers club - grand hotel (rock ridge music)

windy & carl - we will always be (kranky)

field music - plumb (memphis industries)
heartless bastards - arrow (partisan records)
heartless bastards - parted ways

islands - a sleep & a forgetting (anti)
lake forest - silver skies (verité)
lake forest - autumn skies
punch brothers - who’s feeling young now? (nonesuch)
shearwater - animal joy (sub pop)
sleigh bells - reign of terror (mom + pop)
the phenomenal handclap band - form & control (tummy touch)

unicycle loves you - failure (mecca lecca)
unicycle loves you - wow wave cinema

young magic - melt (carpark)
tennis - young and old (fat possum)
tennis - origins

adam arcuragi - like a fire that consumes all before it (devil duck)
mount washington - s/t (glitterhouse)
mount washington - lisboa

christopher paul stelling - songs of praise & scorn (mecca lecca)
damien jurado - maraqopa (secretly canadian)
damien jurado - nothing is the news
dirty three - toward the low sun (bella union)
frankie rose - interstellar (slumberland)
jonquil - point of go (dovecote)

lambchop - mr. m (merge)
lambchop - if not i'll just die

perfume genius - put your back n 2 lt (matador)
perfume genius - all waters
sara radle - same sun shines (selfrelease)
sara radle - the pins
terry malts - killing time (slumberland)
terry malts - tumble down
tindersticks - the something rain (constellation)
the ting tings - sound from nowheresville (columbia)

kristofer aström - from eagle to sparrow (startracks)

anais mitchell - young man in america (winterland)
gabriel and the hounds - kiss full of teeth (ernest jenning)
gabriel and the hounds - wire and stone

fanfarlo - rooms filled with light (canvasback music)
hunx - hairdresser blues (hardly art)
hunx - always forever
little barrie - king of the waves (bumpman)
memoryhouse - the slideshow effect (sub pop)
mouse on mars - parastrophics (monkeytown)
plants and animals - the end of that (secret city)
rose cousins - we have made a spark (outside music)
school of seven bells - ghostory (ghostly international)
school of seven bells - the night (snippet)
soft swells - s/t (modern outsider)
we have band - tension (naive records)

cool rainbow - whale rocket (lil' chief)
lonely drifter karen - poles (crammed discs)
lonely drifter karen - three colors red

fenster - bones (morr)


andrew bird - break it yourself (bella union)
bowerbirds - the clearing (dead oceans)
bowerbirds - tuck the darkness in
dinowalrus - best behavior (old flame)
dinowalrus - what now
good old war - come back as rain (sargent house)
good old war - calling me names

kaiser chiefs - start the revolution without me (fiction)
narduwar the human serviette - busy doing nothing (mint)
nite jewel - one second of love (secretly canadian)
the honeydogs - what comes after (grain belt records)
the magnetic fields - love at the bottom of the sea (merge)
the men - open your heart (sacred bones)
tim fite - ain't ain't ain't (anti)

robert pollard - mouseman cloud (fire)
nedry - in a dim light (monotreme)
nedry - float (edit)

spoek mathambo - father creeper (sub pop)
lee fields - faithful man (truth & soul records)
xerxes - our home is a deathbed (no sleep records)

spiritualized - sweet heart sweet light (domino)

choir of young believers - rhine gold (ghostly international)
choir of young believers - patricias thirst

lee ronaldo - between the times and the tides (matador)
margot and the nuclear so and so's - rot gut domestic (mariel)

the shins - port of morrow (columbia)

bear in heaven - i love you, it's cool (hometapes)
simone felice - s/t (team love)
simone felice - new york times

i was totally destroying it - preludes (greyday)
i was totally destroying it - regulators

peter broderick - (album announced for early 2012)
a place to bury strangers - (announced an ep in early 2012, dead oceans)
a place to bury strangers - so far away
seamus fogarty - god damn you mountain (in the spring of 2012, fence)
pumice - puny (coming soon, soft abuse)
amanda mair - tba (early 2012, labrador)
the mary onettes - tba (2012, labrador)
almost charlie - tomorrow's yesterdays (words on music)
cats on fire (spring, soliti)
cats on fire - my sense of pride

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Ergänzend fallen mir noch ein:

Audra Mae Februar 2012
Wooden Sky "Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon a Sun" 28.Februar.2012
Allo Darlin 3.April

P. aus B.

E. hat gesagt…

yep, prima. danke!

gawain hat gesagt…

Wow, was du dir wieder für Arbeit machst...! Ergänzen kann ich:
Matt Elliott - The Broken Man 20.1.12
Mi & L'Au - If Beauty Is A Crime 24.01.12

E. hat gesagt…

he, fein, gawain!
und von b. aus o. noch folgendes:
21.2.12 Jim White - Where It
Hits You

coolmik hat gesagt…

Dann lässt sich das neue Jahr ja ganz gut an...

BTW: Was hat P. aus B. denn so gehört 2011?

Anonym hat gesagt…


nach Durchsicht der Bücher 2011 war ich erschrocken wie wenig Rock´n´Roll bei mir war.
Immerhin 2 mal Jeb Loy Nichols, wobei das Dezember Album noch nicht angekommen ist.Hast du es schon?

Anonym hat gesagt…

@ coolmikado

Ungefähr so:

1 The Belle Brigade
2 Jolie Holland - Pint Of Blood
3 Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Wolfroy Goes To Town
4 Bill Callahan - Apocalypse
5 Eilen Jewell - Queen Of The Minor Key
6 Amy LaVere - Stranger Me
7 Lowe, Nick - The Old Magic
8 The Lost Brothers - So Long John Fante
9 The Feelies - Here Before
10 Seeker Lover Keeper

coolmik hat gesagt…

Am 25.01. erscheint auf Delmore Recordings übrigens auch Karen Dalton - 1966 "newly unearthed reel- to-reel recordings made of the elusive songstress rehearsing with her estranged husband Richard Tucker in the Colorado cabin they shared." (CD/LP)Könnte den einen oder anderen vlt. auch erfreuen..

E. hat gesagt…

absolut, tolle nachricht, cool!

L hat gesagt…

You have a really amazing ear for finding great music. Very, very impressive. Thanks.