Samstag, Februar 04, 2017

eingestreut (1030): wooden wand

der nachfolgende track gehört auf das "clipper ship" benannte album, welches wooden wand ende april via three lobed recordings veröffentlichen wird. dass james toth ein besonderer songwriter und gitarrist ist, beweist nicht zuletzt "mexican coke".
You ask me why I carry cash around with me all the time—
Don’t you see all these “Yard Sale” signs?
When I flip this first edition for a cool grand
Then maybe you’ll understand

Where there’s a will, there are ways
So take this five-dollar bill
And go and buy yourself a Mexican Coke with the change

There’s no using all the unused hours down the line
You can’t stockpile time
What has the night to do with sleep
When there are promises to keep?

Remember all that you pass
Make the first thing the last
The innocent get to dream, the rest of us crash

If you leave the doors open so the flies can escape
You’re just inviting the rattlesnakes!
We can always do more harm than good
Our best intentions misunderstood

Whether we drink from the stream
Or find it’s just a mirage
Bet you a Mexican Coke it comes out in the wash

--For Simon Joyner--

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