Samstag, April 02, 2016

glotzt nicht so romantisch (680): laura gibson

auf das neue album "empire builder" der wertgeschätzten laura gibson hatten wir bereits verwiesen. gestern ist es dann endlich erschienen. wir feiern das, in dem wir Euch das offizielle video zum albumtrack "not harmless" vorstellen.  wir ergänzen um zitate und die livetermine laura gibsons für deutschland:

laura gibson: "not harmless" is about standing up for myself: defining womanhood on my own terms. it may be a critique of social expectations, but more so it's a critique of my own behavior and insecurities. i must add that i have always always wanted to write a song in which i was the villain, to hold that sort of agency, to reimagine myself in my most self-serving no-fucks-given form. so lines like, “i'll be the thief you forgot to chase, the bramble sprung back in the hero's face” gave me great pleasure to write.
 regisseur derrick belcham: "the video is an attempt to capture a multi-angle viewpoint of the various aspects of the singer's insecurities in the music video environment. each of the dancers embodies a specific discomfort or complex that raises its head during the process of being on camera, exposing oneself through songwriting and 'being' in the world in general. their actions reflect the shifting battle that an ego faces when the spotlight is turned on it."

02.05. Berlin, Kantine am Berghain
03.05. Leipzig, Werk 2

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