Montag, Juli 23, 2007

eingestreut (18): hobotalk

na, wenn das nicht wunderbare bilder sind, lest und seht selbst:
"Hello Hobotalk Mailing List,
We've recently added to Youtube three videos of Hobotalk in concert, taken from a show we played in 2006 at a small club in Halle, Germany called Objekt 5. The tracks are '
Letter From a Friend' (Notes on Sunset 2005), 'Jackdaw' (Beauty in Madness 2000) and an as yet unreleased, but popular live number 'Might Not Be Too Late'. You can view all three videos at our Youtube channel on;
We hope you enjoy. This is the first real live video footage ever recorded of the band, so please feel free to rate the tracks, leave comments, or email the links on to as many people as you can, to help spread the word!

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