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neue töne (1475): upcoming albums 2015

ich kopier hier mal rein, was ich letztes und vorletztes jahr bereits geschrieben hatte, es trifft voll und ganz auch heuer zu: "es war ein feierlicher schwur. ich hab ihn in aller kürze gebrochen. ich wollte mir diese art der vorschau nicht mehr antun. denn sie ist sehr zeit- und nervenraubend. und dann geschah es wie von allein, dass sich die daten und die links sammelten und zusammengeführt werden wollten. ich übernehme für keinen termin, für keine namentliche nennung eine garantie. die quellen sind, so weit ich das beurteilen kann, verlässlich. aber irrtümer sind natürlich nicht ausgeschlossen. ergänzungen erbitte ich und werde sie, wenigstens gilt das für ein paar tage, hinzufügen."

hinweise auf über 300 alben/releases inkls. über 60 direkter bzw indirekter hörangebote,
band - album (label)
(band - song):

ghost culture - s/t (because music)

color of light - memory (imera)
color of light  - memory 

embassylights - s/t (boompa)
lubomyr melnyk - evertina ep (erased tapes)

and the golden choir - another half life (cargo)
boxed in - s/t (nettwerk)
che sudaka - hoy (flowfish)

dan mangan + blacksmith - club meds (city slang)
dan mangan + blacksmith - vessel

eric schwartz - the aristocrat (claritone music)
justin townes earle - absent fathers (loose music)
olli schulz - feelings aus der asche (trocadero)
tarcar - mince glace ep (blackest ever black)
trigger hippy - s/t (rounder)

archive - restriction (dangervisit)
california x - night in the dark (don giovanni)

hanni el khatib - moonlight (innovative leisure)
hanni el khatib - moonlight

annie keating - make believing (selfrelease)
charlie belle - get to know ep (selfrelease)
david bronson - questions (big arc records)
d edward - love is (10th and clay records)
guster - evermotion (nettwerk)
mike pace and the child actors -  best boy (selfrelease)
panda bear - panda bear meets the grim reaper (domino)

robin bacior - water dreams (good mountain)

the blank tapes - geodesic dome piece (royal oakie tapes and records)
the blank tapes - way to stoned

the porter draw - s/t (selfrelease)

afrikan sciences - circuitous (pan)
albatrosh - night owl (rune grammofon)

antoni maiovvi - avrokosm (not not fun)
antoni maiovvi - afternoon youth

argy and mama - dominonation (bpitch control)
bc camplight - how to die in the north (bella union)
belle & sebastian - girls in peacetime want to dance (matador)
chris potter underground orchestra - imaginary cities (ecm)

cub & wolf - s/t (stargazer
cub & wolf - river of blood

curtis harding - soul power (anti-)
die form - die puppe (dark entries)
dosh and the ghostband - def kith (anticon)
falls of rauros - believe in no coming shore (sound pollution)
francisco the man - loose ends (fat possum)
jack dejohnette - made in chicago (ecm)

kaitlyn aurelia smith - euclid (western vinyl)

katzenjammer - rockland (vertigo)
klangwart - transit (staubgold)
kenny wheeler - songs for quintet (ecm)
lal - tiny mirrors (dnh)
liam hayes - slurrup (fat possum)
liasons dangereuses - s/t (rerelease, soulsheriff)
man without country - maximum entropy (selfrelease)
maximilian hecker - spellbound scenes of my cure (blue soldier)
perfect pussy - i have lost all desire for feeling ep (captured tracks)
psychic tv - alien be-in (dark entries)
raised fist - from the north (epitaph)
roniia - s/t (totally gross national product)
sean mccann - ten impressions for piano and strings (root strata)
taraf de haidouks - of lovers, gamblers and parachute skirts (crammed discs)
the migrant - flood (devilduck)
the sidekicks - runners in the nerved world (epitaph)
william s. burroughs - nothing here now but the recordings (reissue, dais)

aine o'dwyer - music for church cleaners vol. i and ii (mie)

bandit - of life (broken circles)
bandit - pushing

erase errata - lost weekend (under the sun)
marilyn manson - the pale emperor (cooking vinyl)
mikky ekko - time (rca)
waterboys - modern blues (kobalt label services)

alex calder - strange dreams (captured tracks)
alex calder - strange dreams
alex calder - lola

dan melchior - the souls of birds and mice (siltbreeze)
daniel knox - s/t (carrot top)
derek grant - breakdown (red scare industries)

elephant micah - where in our woods (western vinyl)
elephant micah - by the canal

grand lake islands - song from far (selfrelease)

hidden in the sun - seven seasons (selfrelease)
hidden in the sun - and the spring

jack name - weird moons (castle face)
jack name - running after ganymede

letha rodman-melchior - shimmering ghost (siltbreeze)
mind brains - s/t (orange twin)

miriam jones - between green and gone (maple music)
miriam jones - train

sick feeling - suburban myth (terrible records)

siskiyou - nervous (constellation)
siskiyou - deserter

sleater-kinney - no cities to love (sub pop)
the decemberists - what a terrible world, what a beautiful world (capitol)

viet cong - s/t (flemish eye)
viet cong - continental shelf

alain goraguer - la planete sauvage (superior viaduct)
andrew combs - all these dreams (loose music)

anduin - last days of montrose house (infinite greyscale)
anduin - stara rzeka

b.c. gilbert / g. lewis - 3r4 (superior viaduct)
b.c. gilbert / g. lewis - preview

close talker - flux (nevado)
dark dark dark - flood tide (melodic)
diagrams - chromatics (full time hobby)

feine sahne fischfilet - bleiben oder gehen (audiolith)

hanni el khatib - moonlight (innovative leisure)
hanni el khatib - the teeth

jib kidder - teaspoon to the ocean (domino)
my iron lung - relief (pure noise)
pond - man it feels like space again (caroline)
revolutionaries - goldmine dub (rerelease, greensleeves
second moon of winter - one for sorrow, two for joy (denovali)
team me - blind as night (propeller)

casa del mitro - still (ghost records)
gaz coombes - matador (caroline)
menace beach - ratworld (memphis industries)

motorama - poverty (talitres)

kitty, daisy & lewis - kitty, daisy & lewis the third (sunday best)
kitty, daisy & lewis - baby bye bye

noveller - fantastic planet (fire)
the charlatans - modern nature (bmg)

the phantom band - fears trending (chemikal underground)
the phantom band - tender castle

zun zun egui -  shackle's gift (bella union)

alasdair roberts - s/t (drag city)
alasdair roberts - artless one

bill gable - i threw your heart (bill gable music)

dirty dishes - guilty (exploding in sound)
dirty dishes - red roulette

doomtree - all hands (doomtree)
hey rosetta! - second sight (sonic)

jessica pratt - on your own love again (drag city)
jessica pratt - black baby

laura carbone - sirens (duchess box)

natalie prass - s/t (spacebomb)
natalie prass - bird of prey

no spill blood - heavy electricity (sargent house)
oorutaichi - drifting my folklore (reissue, drag city)
plastic palace people - from the host of late-comers (drag city)

the dodos – individ (polyvinyl)
the dodos - competition

the remo rau quartet - at the cafe africana (sonorama)
twerps - range anxiety (merge)

all we are - s/t (selfrelease)
bill fay - who is the sender (dead oceans)

chandos - rats in your bed (carpark)

cummi flu - z (morr music)
deichkind - niveau weshalb warum (sultan günther music)
desperate journalist - s/t (fierce panda)
echosmith - talking dreams (warner)
flight facilities - down to earth (future classic)
guster - evermotion (nettwerk)
h. hawkline - in the pink of condition (heavenly)
jan st. werner - miscontinuum (thrill jockey)
jasmine guffond - yellow bell (sonic pieces)

john carpenter - lost themes (sacred bones)
john carpenter - vortex

john tejada - signs under test (kompakt)
kiran leonard - bowler hat soup (hand of glory
kejnu - centillion (popup)
mary epworth - dream life (hand of glory)
plastic palace people - from the host of late-comers (drag city)
pollyester - city of o. (disko b.)
ricardo donoso - sarava exu (denovali)
roland tings - s/t (internasjonal)
samba touré - gandadiko (glitterbeat)
the vals - echoes of summer ep (unique)
the body and thou - released from love / you, whom i have always hated (thrill jockey)
the notwist - messier objects (allien transistor)
title fight - hyperview (anti-)
worried man and worried boy - s/t (problembär)

big noble - first light (kobalt label services)
h. hawkline - in the pink of condition (heavenly)
luke haines - adventures in dementia (cherry red)
murder by death - big dark love (bloodshot)
the staves - if i was (atlantic)
tigercats - mysteries (fortuna pop)

bob dylan - shadows in the night (sony)

boduf songs - stench of exist (flenser)
boduf songs - my continuing battle with...

bouqeut - in a dream (folktale)

butch walker - afraid of ghosts (dangerbird)
butch walker - chrissie hynde

human behavior - bethpage (folktale)

matana roberts - coin coin chapter three: river run thee (constellation)
matana roberts - say your name

mount eerie - sauna  (p.w. elverum and sun)

radio birds - contemporary american slang (brash music)
radio birds - sleep city

seagulls - great pine (yellow k)
seagulls - swimmin'

two gallants - we are undone (ato)
two gallants - we are undone

atarie teenage riot - reset (digital hardcore)
black tie electrons - disco of decay (unique)
jeff beadle - where did we get lost (butterfly collectors)
hoodie allen - people keep talking (selfrelease)

jefre cantu-ledesma - a year with 13 moons (mexican summer)

kante - in der zuckerfabrik (hook)
kreng - the summoner (miasmah)
lake people - purposely uncertain field (permanent vacation)
mapei - hey hey (columbia)
nikki lane - all or nthin (rykodisc)
oliver gottwald - zurück als tourist (tapete)
rone - creatures (infine)
sherwood & pinch - late night endless (on-u-sound)
the districts - a flourish and a spoil (fat possum)
the subways - the subways (selfrelease)
tonik ensemble - snapshots (atomnation)

idlewild - everything ever written (selfrelease)

johan agebjörn - notes (paper bag)
johan agebjörn - the right to play

the districts - a flourish and a spoil (fat possum
vision fortune - country music (atp)

guts club - the arm wrestling tournament (selfrelease)
father john misty - i love you, honeybear (sub pop)

homemade empire - first trees (subroutine records)
homemade empire - where are the mountains...

jesse harris - no wrnong no right (dangerbird)

leapling - vacant page (exploding in sound)
leapling - crooked

paperhaus - s/t (selfrelease)
paperhaus - cairo
paperhaus - untitled

quarterbacks - s/t (team love)
quarterbacks - center

carl barat and the jackals - let it reign (cooking vinyl)
hey colossus - in black and gold (rocket)
ibeyi - s/t (xl recordings)
marika hackman - we slept at last (caroline)
rumer - into colour (atlantic)
susanne sundfør - ten love songs (sonnet sound)
the wave pictures - great big flamingo burning moon (moshi moshi)

black rivers - s/t (ignition)
ghostface killah & badbadnotgood - sour soul (lex)
krill - a distant fist unclenching (steak club)

sonny and the sunsets - talent night at the ashram (polyvinyl)
sonny and the sunsets - cheap extensions

steve earle and the dukes - terraplane (new west)
the clang group - s/t ep (domino)
the orb - history of the future (malicious damage)

akatombo - sometime, never (hand-held recordings)
a place to bury strangers - transfixiation (dead oceans)

eric chenaux - skullsplitter (constellation)
eric chenaux - skullsplitter

ex-cult - cigarette machine (castle face)

grooms - comb the feelings through your hair (western vinyl)
grooms - doctor m

in tall buildings - driver (western vinyl)
in tall buildings - flare gun

jenn grant - compostela (selfrelease)
king woman - doubt ep (flenser)

letts - hold fast (community music)
letts - charles de gaulle

mastery - valis (flenser)

michael feuerstack - the forgettable truth (forward music group)
michael feuerstack - clackity clack

mourn - s/t (captured tracks)

refrigerator - temple city (shrimper)
refrigerator - this woman here

sarah davachi - barons court (students of decay)
s. carey - supermoon (jagjaguwar)

sir richard bishop - tangier sessions (drag city)

six organs of admittance - hexadic (drag city)
six organs of admittance - wax chance

twin river - should the light go out (light organ)

alcoholic faith mission - orbitor (haldern pop)
champs - vamela (pias)
cosmono - mountains and craters (klaeng)
dan deacon - gliss riffer (domino)
david huhn - auszeit (selfrelease)
eberhard weber - encore (ecm)
euzen  - metamorph (westpark)
future brown - s/t (warp
jose gonzales – vestiges & claws (imperial)
kammerflimmer kollektief - desarroi (staubgold)
locas in love - use your illusion 3 and 4 (downbeat)
rats on rafts - the moon is big (popup)
snow ghosts - a wrecking (houndstooth)
sonae - far away is right around the corner (monika)
susanne sundfor - ten love songs (sonnet sound)
the amazing - picture you (partisan)
the unthanks - mount the air (cadiz)
tove lo - queen of the clouds (island)
travis bretzer - waxing romantic (mexican summer)
tropics - rapture (innovative leisure)

yellow bird - sing (enja)
yellow bird - shame and scorn

dutch uncles - o sudder (memphis industries)
gang of four - what happens next (metropolis)

sara lowes - the joy of waiting (railings)
sara lowes - jb priestley

screaming females - rose mountain (don giovanni)
spectres - dying (sonic cathedral)
sam prekop - the republic (thrill jockey)
the pop group - citizen zombie (freaks r us)

camper van beethoven - new roman times (reissue, omnivore)

colleen green - i want to grow up (hardly art)
colleen green - pay attention

diamond rugs - cosmetics (sycamore)
eternal death - s/t (labrador)
makeshift shelters - something so personal (broken world)
theesatisfaction - earthee (sub pop)
torche - restarter (relapse)

the lowest pair - the sacred heart sessions (team love)
the lowest pair - rosie

axel krygier - hombre de piedra (crammed discs)
bambounou - centrum (50 weapons)

black yaya - s/t (city slang)
black yaya - flying a rocket

dutch uncles - o shudder (memphis industries)
elder - lore (stickman)
lilabungalow - peace to gold (analogsoul)
noel gallagher’s high flying circus - chasing yesterday (sour mash)
pentatones - ouroboros (pokerflat)
public service broadcasting - the race for the space (test card)
sizarr - nurture (four music)
steven wilson - hand.cannot.erase. (kscope)

the black watch - sugarplum fairy, sugarplum fairy (carrot top)
the black watch - sugarplum fairy 

the slow show - white water (haldern pop)
the white birch - the weight of spring (glitterhouse)

nuditiy - astronomicon (iron lung)

chromatics - dear tommy (italians do it better)

james blackshaw - summoning suns (important)
james blackshaw - confetti

loren connors - airs (recital)
sean mccann - a castle popping (recital)

thousand - (talitres)

dennis young - reel to real (staubgold)
dennis young - big boom

karin park - apocalypse pop (selfrelease)
karin park - look what you've done

vessels - dilate (the leaf label)

anthonie tonnon - s/t (wild kindness)
clarence clarity - no now (bella union)
modest mouse - strangers to ourselves (epic)

moon duo - shadow of the sun (sacred bones)
moon duo - animal

of montreal - aureate gloom (polyvinyl)
of montreal - bassem sabry

tom brosseau - perfect abandon (crossbill)
tom brosseau - roll along with me perfect abandon

cold war kids - hold my home (sony)
matthew e. white - fresh blood (domino)

will butler - policy (merge)

evans the death - expect delays (slumberland)
joe pug - windfall (lightning rod)

the monochrome set - spaces everywhere (tapete)

emma kupa - home cinema (where it's at is where you are)
emma kupa - half sister

simon joyner - grass, branch and bone (woodsist)
wand - golem (in the red)
wand - take me back to the void

scott matthew - this here defeat (glitterhouse)

frank black & the catholics - the complete recordings (cooking vinyl)
portico - living fields (village underground)

bombadil - hold on (ramseur)
laura marling - short movie (ribbon music)

peter gordon and love of life orchestra - symphony 5 (foom)
nneka - my fairy tales (neverland)
scip and die - cosmic serpents (crammed discs)
steve hackett - wolflight (inside out)

the soft moon - deeper (captured tracks)
the soft moon - black

marina and the diamonds - froot (neon gold)

turbowolf - two hands (search and destroy)

pale blue - the past we leave behind (captured tracks)
pale blue - the past we leave behind

the lilac time - no sad songs (tapete)

the safes - record heat (wee rock)

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